About me

Hello beautiful ¬†thank you for visiting my website, my name is Margaret MacDonald… founder of Goddess in the CityūüíčI Mentor- Guide & Coach women back to her own true beautyūüíč

¬†A few years ago approaching a new chapter 5 (50) I HAD THIS INNER STRUGGLE with my hairdressing and Holistic business…

I felt my Soul Calling me to do more, which felt Soul destroying because I DID NOT KNOW WHAT…this was a very restless time, frustrating and so confusing…

Not to mention the financial strain it put on me and my family,  with all off the money I was spending trying to figure this thing out.

From¬†Inner Struggle to Inner Peace ‚ÄėOUCH‚Äô

A Slip on the stairs two broken fingers later… came my answer from the Universe.

Through all the pain, frustration and screams of¬† “What will I do, how can I work”?

I received this Devine guidance…

“Margaret you will do what you do ALREADY, without all of your TOOLS.”

I have never felt such a deep sense of calmness, even though I had two broken fingers,wasnt sure what I was going to do. 

I had this inner knowing with a deep sense of inner peace that in time I would be giving up my tools.

Soon after the fall I discovered ‘Coaching’ it turns out this was what Ive been doing for years…

The Coaching journey began, now 54 ¬†I love helping women to Love herself like a Goddess…¬†

 I host my own group Goddess coaching retreat days, work one on one privately with my clients

next launching a ¬†group coaching programme for Goddesses in the City all over the globeūüíč

Its a great feeling to be doing what you love, to be fulfilling your purpose and have confidence not only in self, but in the  direction my Soulful Coaching  business is moving into.

I truly believe in investing in my own transformative Coaching, just like I expect my clients to do.

This was me last year on retreat in Italy with my own coach, where I’m off to again in October 2018. Coaches need Coaching, its simple.

¬†Like you Ive nearly fainted at some of the financial investment that’s BEEN part of my Coaching¬† journey.

The money will show up for you, Money loves Purpose.

Some other stuff about Margaret, you will most likely find her in nice coffee shops with a fatty latte or a pot of tea, enjoying some cake. 

Or spending time at the movies with her two grandsons…

If you’ve read this far beautiful, ( thank you) the truth is, I’m more interested in where you are right now.

Your own wisdom has guided you to me ūüôā That’s how our wisdom works!

 I can help YOU!

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 Much Love

Margaret xx