The Goddess Guide To Clarity

Wisdom leads the way, we follow, one simple step at a time.

You see,  we always know what to do next, what we don’t always do is TRUST what comes to us. Sometimes it can be so noisy in our heads that we cant hear our wisdom whispering our guidance to us.

Paying attention to  the first step on the stairs is all we need to do, keeping it very simple. It is all in the moment, this is what gaining clarity feels like,  freeing you to open up to what you already know to do next.

These beautiful steps are  from a Coaching retreat I attended last year in Italy.  I remember these steps, in that moment I saw that its so easy to try to jump to the top of the stairs with out ever taking the first step. There is no rush . When our minds settle down, you start to hear your own simple guidance.

Let me use this blog as example,  I heard a  whisper to PRINT my draft  blogs. I got a really good feeling when I heard this whisper. Following my guidance, the blog I was drawn to is the one you are reading right now! I got a huge surprise when I read it. I had written it months ago.

Now I understand seeing the guide  in print really touched me, something about it let me see I wasn’t trusting my next step fully. Which is for me to write and hit publish  🙂

Well I thought if this guide has helped me, who else might it help. Bingo (ha) See how simple it is when you trust what you hear, following what comes to you one simple step at a time.

I would love to hear your thoughts, just leave me a comment below!

Lots of love

Margaret xx




The Goddess Guide To Blogging

To blog or not to blog this is the question and a question I have asked my self regular since I got my web .

I had this vison  Goddess in the City with my own blog . That I would be a bit like Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City ) I might even meet Mr Big (my own Mr Big of course )ha.

I’m going to write and share all of my wisdom my humor and a ton of other stuff.( That changes pretty much every other day)

A lot of ideas and a really bad habit of not actually sitting down and typing .

The amazing thing is when I get the fingers to the board (my two boards ) one of the  key pads has a duff V and it wont work .

(You have no idea how much you need the letter V until you go to use it ). You end up with “OVE ” (love)

“oh I ove you ” not quite the same is it !

Where was I !  Oh yes my bad habit of not typing or more to the point not “letting it come out ” I could hear it all day long in my head (It will  not go away )

I am  mostly a “one finger typist ” no looking at the screen for me just the odd look now and then and having an amazing excitement at “seeing all of these words come alive’ .

I read or heard the other day that a writer  would almost run home to catch the poem ‘as if she had just caught it in time” .

I get that this is what’s happening now as I write to you share these words that are in front of me and I’m trying to type them out before I loose them . I HEAR THEM !

Its magical to see this all come to life and this is how our creative flow works through us . I’m only starting to see this on my screen in my blogs and I feel an aliveness that I’ve not felt before with me and my laptop.

The guidance I would give to any “new blogger ” is to keep at it . You know if your drawn to this to write to share a message “it will find its way through you” .

Only if this is really you being TRUE  to your self .

If your doing IT  because your coach has told you to or you think it will help you “gain clients” think again .

I know for me personally I love to write  sharing the  journey . I have over come a few fears around the technology part being visible and vulnerable .

My own wisdom has been guiding me in this direction more and more for the simple Joy of sharing my message .

If your feeling your own wisdom is nudging you in this direction  Trust this and make it your own . In what ever way you feel lights you up . Fills your cup and let it flow .” Really flow”

Exploring your own way is very important . By this I mean you really are writing what you are kind of excited about not all full of “things that don’t fit with you .

I did try it out using “systems ”   (all deleted now and what I discovered it completely blocked my flow )

This a very masculine approach ,Creative flow is feminine so by being true to my own self my own values I am in my own “flow”

I also realize this is what works for many people but not me . You to will find your own way and be honest with your self if its not working for you .

If you like me would like to learn to dance with life more discover more of  truth in life  and happy to see typos misspelling but you “feel truth ” then my darling welcome to the Goddess Guide to

I have answered my own question to blog or not blog . My answer is a big Yesss .

I make it fun for my self I have written a few that are “on draft ” I am sharing it because I want to . It is from my heart .

Goddess guide to blogging is do it because you want to not because you have to .

I look forward to sharing in next weeks guide all about (you will need to pop back and see ,wont you! ) (ha)

Please feel free to  leave me a comment below and  let me know if this has been of any help to you.

One dance move at a time !

Love and big Goddess sparkle

Margaret xx