The Goddess Guide To Clarity

Wisdom leads the way, we follow, one simple step at a time.

You see,  we always know what to do next, what we don’t always do is TRUST what comes to us. Sometimes it can be so noisy in our heads that we cant hear our wisdom whispering our guidance to us.

Paying attention to  the first step on the stairs is all we need to do, keeping it very simple. It is all in the moment, this is what gaining clarity feels like,  freeing you to open up to what you already know to do next.

These beautiful steps are  from a Coaching retreat I attended last year in Italy.  I remember these steps, in that moment I saw that its so easy to try to jump to the top of the stairs with out ever taking the first step. There is no rush . When our minds settle down, you start to hear your own simple guidance.

Let me use this blog as example,  I heard a  whisper to PRINT my draft  blogs. I got a really good feeling when I heard this whisper. Following my guidance, the blog I was drawn to is the one you are reading right now! I got a huge surprise when I read it. I had written it months ago.

Now I understand seeing the guide  in print really touched me, something about it let me see I wasn’t trusting my next step fully. Which is for me to write and hit publish  🙂

Well I thought if this guide has helped me, who else might it help. Bingo (ha) See how simple it is when you trust what you hear, following what comes to you one simple step at a time.

I would love to hear your thoughts, just leave me a comment below!

Lots of love

Margaret xx




The Goddess Guide To Overcoming Fear

The Goddess guide to overcoming fear (and a first blog)

I am doing something I have dreamed about for most of my life (writing). I have put it off because I like to write with “a good old  fashioned pen and paper”. Well that’s the story I have been telling myself and believing it…

When the truth is “I’ve been pretty insecure about actually writing my” first ever blog ” using my laptop typing with one finger at a time ! (ha)

Already I feel amazing my words just like with my pen are flowing through me.

Its amazing how much we do get in our own way .

Stopping our self’s  doing what we love because we think its true !

So I ask my self “what am I afraid off ?  What is so scary about writing a blog and letting any one in the world see it?  (ha)

The truth is nothing we make it all up in our imagination .

The TRUTH is I’m overcoming my imaginary  fear just simply writing and hitting publish .

Does that mean I will want to change it ! Yes I guarantee I will . Is it word perfect . I guarantee its not . You might even find some of the punctuation  offensive (hope not )  .

I’m not letting the fear off not going for it  because of  what might happen or not happen stop me !

This is my take on over coming fear,  which using the blog example I felt was a pretty good place to start . Off  course we can have all types of fear related to all types of things and situations in our lives.

This came to me too .” Margaret you went through labor and gave birth with NO PAIN relief ” (another blog) and your afraid to hit publish incase of what you think might happen.

My wisdom has brought me here and if your reading this your wisdom has guided you here too . (thank you Wisdom) ha

As I am discovering I really can see I am going to enjoy this new part of my work . The  Goddess Guide To (fill in the blank)” oh that could be a good one couldn’t it “!

So if you are about to do something new, that you don’t have a lot of experience in, or maybe so much experience in but you have a lot of fear about it .

Or looking to “overcome fear”

I would like to gently guide you to check in and ask your self . Is the story I’m “telling my self  True ?

Or am I “thinking its true so it looks kind of real .

It doesn’t matter how big or small the thing you are afraid of is . What matters is that you discover your own truth about your fearful thinking .

I can share with you right now my fingers are even kind of dancing off the key board now  in a magical way . There is no FEAR I had made it up and now feeling “joyful” !

Why because I am doing what I know has been in my heart my whole life and that is to write to you, who ever you are I hope my words of wisdom guide you to see the truth that is in you.

This will be “is” a special Goddess guide to “Overcoming Fear “because it is my first blog  IF YOUR READING IT I (hit publish) ha

Remember too dance with life one day one dance step at a time  Goddess.

If you have any thoughts on this weeks guide please feel free to comment below . I would love  your feed back .

Love & Magic

Margaret xx